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In fact, the Irish women typically had romantic partners who didn't read much.

Both teachers have read most of the selections, and indeed, purchased most of their books with their own money.

Of course, we’d love to hear about your book club’s “speed dating” experiments!

Want to read more about running book clubs at your library?

In other words, many of us had stories about dudes on dates being weirdly condescending about books and reading, aka “literary mansplaining.”So, to help people do bookish dating better, we’ve compiled a helpful list of the DO’s and DON’Ts for dating a reader: DO: Ask them about what they’re currently reading DON’T: Tell them why you’d never read that book/genre DO: Pick someone up in a bookstore by offering to buy whatever book they’re holding (like buying someone a drink in a bar)DON’T: Buy random hardcovers as gifts to give on the second date, apropos of nothing (this too often involves condescending assumptions about what a near stranger has or hasn’t read)ALSO, DON’T: Buy them a self-help book about dating/relationships (yep, this happened)DO: Ask them for recommendations DON’T: Assume someone who tells you they’re an avid reader hasn’t heard of Franzen DO: Engage in discussions about books you each liked or disliked and why DON’T: Tell them why Hemingway really is the greatest and that maybe they just don’t “like academic writing” or “writing you really have to think about”ALSO, DON’T: Talk about why you “just can’t get into” reading books written by women (or people of color, LGBTQ folks, etc)DO: Plan fun, literary dates like bookstore tours, going to the library, or doing some literary tourism DON’T: Take your date to the bookstore, then just follow them around and hover awkwardly while they browse DO: Make thoughtful recommendations based on books they’ve told you they liked DON’T: Hand them a stack of books written by white dudes that you “really think they need to read” (we’ve heard of them, we promise)And, finally…DO: Be a decent human DON’T: Be a jerk That’s it!

Do you have any stories of weird things that have happened to you after you told your date you’re a reader?

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