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Part 1: One evening, someone messes up a love-nest on a side street in a small country town.

A smaller number of episodes were based on Rendell's full-length novels, such as The Strawberry Tree starring Simon Ward, Going Wrong starring James Callis, A Case of Coincidence starring Keith Barron and Ronald Pickup, Front Seat starring Janet Suzman and The Lake of Darkness starring Jerome Flynn.

When a world-famous flautist is murdered, Wexford wonders if his recently returned daughter had anything to do with it.

He becomes obsessed with proving that she is an imposter, even getting permission to travel as far afield as the USA and France to do so.

Meanwhile, a beautiful, promiscuous woman goes missing - as does the bundle of cash she was carrying. Perhaps if the missing girl's body could be located things would becomes clearer. Part 3: A gold lighter is found and provides a vital clue to the girl's disappearance.

But Wexford and Burden have different theories about the disappearance of the eccentric Anita Margolis. Its inscription reads 'For the girl who lights up my life' but which girl? Part 4: Wexford and his colleagues now knows the identity of Anita Margolis's killer, but there is a problem - he died some 18 months before the murder. Angela Hathall is murdered, but Wexford can find no motive and no suspect. The line Wexford follows alienates not just his colleagues, including Mike Burden, but his wife, too.

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