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We were on a site called chatropolis and we were talked into my wife going for a walk wearing a completely sheer black blouse and no bra..met a few people we knew and she was very embarrassed but also excited by it.

I had been asking my wife for many months to go out with out a bra in a see through shirt and one night she finaly said she would. She wasnt going to go were there was a lot of people so we went into a gas station were only a man was...

New here and stilll trying to learn the ins & outs but I love when my wife goes in public without a bra , in a top that exposes her breasts.

She has fun with it but I can only get her to do it when we're away on vacations.

I always encourage her to wear sexy and revealing outfits whenever we are out, and enjoy the attention she gets as a result.

On a vacation a couple of years back she was deciding which swimsuit/bikini...

She wore a black jacket to cover up when necessary. She is 5' tall w/36c **** and does not mind me showing them off.

I usually wear nude coloured underwear and while we were out I suddenly...

Years ago I was working with my wife in the same factory, she worked as manager in the Purchasing dpt.

Even at 53, my wife has a fantastic body and doesn't mind showing it off as long as we are around strangers.

She won't do anything revealing around anyone that we know. My wife has done me the honor of going braless almost every time I ask, and frequently of her own volition.

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My husband loves me to wear see through clothes but it took me a while to find out.

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